New Learning Environments

During the summer I was asked to teach two days at eduKarjala’s ”New Learning Environments – What kind of schools should we build in a future” summer courses. Attendees came all over the Europe and courses were held at Joensuun Yhteiskoulun lukio. New learning environments course is all about how do we support learning and motivate our kids better with school buildings and new learning environments. My days were about the role of ICT in modern classrooms. My co-teacher for these days was wonderful ICT expert Mr. Pekka Vienonen.

It was great to meet 42 highly motivated and innovative international teachers and educatios. I felt that these days were a success! In addition to my learning by doing ICT-lectures we also worked together to undertand more about technology based education and SAMR-model in teaching, thanks to Pekka. We all got to learn a lot from each others and we made also many new friends. Such lovely and effective summer days!

Here are links for the materials and softwares used during these days. As one of the attendees said it – we are there to teach students to think with their own brains. That outlines our thougths well!

ps. For the new friends and colleaques – Thank you for the amazing feedback about these days – feel free to give more feedback by commenting this blog and also at LinkedIn! Let’s keep in touch!

Photo is from the first course 7.7., second was held at 28.7.2015.NLE3



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